Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving

Pope Francis on Ash Wednesday, in his homily about Lent, calls us to the three aspects of this Liturgical season. It is a time of prayer: “a more intense, more diligent prayer”, a time of fasting: “if  it helps us to grow in the spirit of the Good Samaritan”, and the third element of the Lenten season is almsgiving: “give to others freely”.

We can go on a journey during Lent to grow ever closer to our God, our Faith, and our neighbors if we follow the advice of our Holy religious leaders.

One of my personal Lenten observances this year will be to change my desire to have stuff. I am overflowing with stuff. It makes my life complicated.  I know life would be less hectic and freer if I could accomplish this desire and at the same time I could be helping those less fortunate. I want to give those that have less the things needed to help run a household and that I simply don’t use or need. Why should I hold on to them in the closets and the drawers of my home to the point where I am exploding with unnecessary items? These things could be put to use, and much needed, by so many that have less. I know there are many that do not have enough, or for that matter, any things needed in a home, due to life’s situation. I am making a conscience effort to share the material things I have in my home with others this Lent. I hope that I can continue this sediment for the rest of my life.

Please pray I will be successful in my efforts and that others can be helped by my actions.



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