The following is a hymn from Daily Prayer that I came across. It seems that ‘Light’ has been a common thread in all my prayers and scripture reading lately. I thought this hymn is a fitting way to remind us we need the Light of God each and every day to enter into our hearts. If we lift up in prayer our day, our work, our needs, our love, we’ll feel His love within and see His Light. We just need to open our hearts and minds to His glory. Pray, pray, pray.

The day is filled with splendour
When God brings light from light,
And all renewed creation
Rejoices in His sight.

The Father gives his children
The wonder of the world
In which his power and glory
Like banners are unfurled.

With every living creature,
Awaking with the day,
We turn to God our Father,
Lift up our hearts and pray:

O Father, Son and Spirit,
Your grace and mercy send,
That we may live to praise you
Today and to the end.


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