We Must Try to Walk in the Same Favor as Christ

From childhood on, Jesus walked in the supernatural favor of God and men. He was so popular that He could hardly find any time to be alone and pray as well as be in fellowship with His Father in Heaven. Even those who didn’t believe in Him did recognize that He walked in the favor of God.

Even the guards that the Pharisees sent to have him arrested went back saying “Never has a man talked as this man talks!” (John 7:46) And right up to the very last seconds of His life on this earth, even while He was dying on the cross, the people knew and recognized that God was with Him. (see Luke 23:47-48)

This same kind of favor is also available to all of us. We just simply cannot never forget that no matter what happens to us, we can also have favor with God and with other people. (see Luke 2:52) But unfortunately, like so many good things there are in life, we must activate our faith in order to receive this favor.

So starting today, live by faith, confidently knowing that God will give you the same favor He gave to Jesus. No matter what the circumstances might be that happen to come into your life, you need to believe that God is your supernatural favor in life.


God, I know that the same favor that Jesus walked in is available to me. Help me to walk by faith and receive it today.


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