You Want a Merry Christmas – WIT – Wait in Trust

“For a child is born to us, a son is given us.”   Isaiah 9:4

Merry Christmas! I am sure we have all been busy about many things in this Holy Season but the most important thing is not anything is not anything we have done. The most important thing is what God has done. He gives his son to us, Our Savior. That is why we slow down and observe so that we can enjoy.

Our whole attitude towards God’s giving it to WIT – wait in trust. What will this child bring? What will this son be? They call him “Savior” but what does that look like? He is the “Hope” of every human heart but how does that happen? He brings us every spiritual blessing in the heavens and we wait to see how that will unfold.

What did Jesus need in order to wait in trust? humility. Would Jesus ever choose to be one of us as a baby if he did not trust in the fidelity and goodness of God? And it only amps up from the manger on, right? He will suffer unjustly and be pulverized on the cross. He had to wait in trust that God would work his perfect plan for good through it all. To the human mind it makes no sense but again it is all about what God is about. It is God’s doing, his salvation for us.

Let us ask, “What kind of revelation would there be without the humility of Jesus?” If Jesus did not have the humility to wait in trust for God to work his goodness then he never would have come to earth to be born to die for us. What kind of revelation would there be if Jesus gave a perpetual “No” to God? But it was in humbling himself and trusting in God’s goodness that God was revealed.

Like Jesus, the revelation of God’s life for us will only happen if we humble ourselves and wait in trust for that goodness to happen. Without the humility to wait in trust, what could we ever know of God? There will be no revelation of salvation without the humility to WIT – wait in trust. And without the knowledge of God, we are the saddest of all people.

Let us pray: “Jesus, I pray to be humble as you are humble. While on earth, you waited in trust. You gave your whole life into God’s hands, believing all would be well. Help me to wait in that same trust. Unfold the mystery of salvation in my heart as I place my total trust in you. May all be well in you. Amen.”

Wait in trust (WIT),

+Fr. John


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