Fourth Sunday of Advent


A Leap of Faith

He shall stand firm and shepherd his flock…”  Micah 5:3

Much of our energy goes into the question: “Do you love me?” As we grow older we develop many ore subtle an sophisticated ways of asking that question. We say: “Do you trustt mdo you care for me, do you appreciate me, are you faithful to me, will you support me, will you speak well of me, and so on.” Much of our pain comes from our experience of not having been loved well.

The great spiritual challenge is to discover, over time, that the limited, conditional, and temporal love we receive from parents, husbands, wives, children, teachers, colleagues, and friends are reflections of the unlimited, unconditional, and everlasting love of God. Whenever we can make that huge leap of faith, we will know that deaath is no longer the end but the gateway to the fullness of the Diviine Love.


Trust in me, Lord of all good things, as I trust in you.



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