Saturday Third Week of Advent

A Faithful God

“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”   Luke 1:45

One of the most important qualities of God’s love is faithfulness. God is a faithful God, a God who fulfills the divine promise and will never let us down. God wants not only to be a God for us, but also a God with us. That happens in Jesus, the Emmanuel who walks with us, talks with us, and dies with us. In sending Jesus to us, God wants to convince us of the unshakeable fidelity of the divine love.

Still there is more. When Jesus leaves he says to us, “I will not leave you alone, but will send you the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit of Jesus is God within us. Here the fullness of God’s faithfulness is revealed. Through Jesus, God gives us the divine Spirit so that we can live a God-like life.

The Spirit is the Breath of God. It is the intimacy between Jesus and his Father. It is the divine communion. It is God’s love active within us.


Faithful God, make your love active within me.



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