That “Somewhere” was a “Someone”

“Produce good fruit as evidence of your repentance.”   Matthew 3:8

What drew me to Christ was the good fruit of other people’s repentance. I saw a change, a difference, a peace in them and I wanted to know all about it. Their lives seemed so much more joyful, sound and calm than mine until I knew that I wanted to have whatever they had. For example, I saw people who were angry and would lash out become people filled with peace that believed in and worked for forgiveness in their relationships.

I knew all the good fruits I saw had to come from somewhere. As I sought answers as to the source, I found out that the “somewhere” was a “Someone.” That Someone was Jesus and he was responsible for all the changes and good fruits. And I believed that if Jesus could bring all that good into their lives, he could do the same for me.

Take time to reflect on how different people have affirmed the good fruits of Jesus in your life.

For growing in good fruits, what do you want people to say about the Jesus in you?

Let us pray: “Jesus, to be with you is to be flooded with goodness. Flood me. Flood through me. May the infinite fruit of your goodness you offer all, be offered through me. Amen.”

Wait in Trust (WIT)

+Fr. John


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