Let Go of the Ashes of Your Past

We must let God take over our messes so that He can turn them into miracles. He has the power to use these mistakes of our for good, if we will just trust Him to do so.

Isaiah 61:3 reminds us that God will give us “beauty instead of ashes.” however, there too many people in the world that want to keep hold of their ashes of the past, the cinders of their past, maybe as reminders of their mistakes and shortcomings and failures. But, it is far better to let go of these ashes and reach for something new in your life.

There are far too many people who prefer or decide to live in the past believing that they will never get another chance. But that is far from the truth. Do you really need or want a second chance in your life? Well, then, ask God for that second chance, that third, fourth, fifth, you name it, whatever it is that you need. Understand that God is simply full of mercy and love for His children. His loving kindness will never fail nor does it ever end. The Bible tells us that He has removed all of our transgression so we don’t have to hang onto them any longer. This means that we can let go of the past and offer our ashes up to Him.

It was Jesus who came down from His heavenly throne so that He could lift burdens, but we also must be willing to let go of them and truly believe that He is greater than any of our mistakes, no matter how big or how many we may have made in the past.

Give Him your ashes now, right here, today!


God, I know it doesn’t do me any good to hang on to the past when You lovingly stand before me with a fresh chance, so I let go of my ashes. I give them to you, excited to see the beauty that You will bring from them.




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