You Only Have to Answer to God

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of us never get around to fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives is because we are simply too busy trying to keep everyone else around us happy. There are really too many people in this world that think they know what we should be doing with our lives.

However, the Bible tells us to give an account to God and not to anyone else, on how you live your life. So, we need to start living in such a way that will enable us to stand before God without any shame. Even shame that others may try to place upon us.

So are we daring enough to really follow our hearts instead of following the crowd? Are we focused when we hear tons of other voices trying to draw us away from our true purpose in life?

There are exactly two kinds of people in this world. The people who sit around and wait for something to happen and then those people who take a stand and make things happen. God has called all of us to do great things for His Kingdom and we need to stop shying away from that.

We need to make our lives intentional, we need to live our lives on purpose. We can’t just stand around waiting to see what everyone else around us is doing or are going to do and then follow what they do. Instead, we need to do what is important to God’s plan for us on our own, stir ourselves up and make a decision to get going with our lives.


Lord, I only want to live my life to please You, not others. I boldly step into the purpose You have for me. I will not sit back, but I will purposefully live my life for You.



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