We Need to Learn to Have Patience

When we go up to God and ask Him to change us, we really better know what we’re saying and asking because we re not going to wake up a different person the very next day. Instead what God will do is give us the opportunity to change and He will do this through opposition and then the chance to grow as we are changing.

We are told in James 1 that it is important for us to have patience when we are trying to change and when we are facing opposition. Patience is one of the many fruits of the Holy Spirit that can only develop and grow through trials and this means we must  learn to have patience. The Bible tells us that when we have patience then we are perfect and whole and we will be lacking in nothing. But, there is absolutely no way to get it unless we go through something in order to receive it.

To be a victorious Christian we need to serve God and we need to make some kind of a difference in our world. When we go through things, or trials that offer us challenging things, we will grow in patience and we will be changed. Satan however, will try to scare us off, but have faith and God will be able to see you through any kind of challenge even one set up by the devil himself.

So it is time for us to choose to let God work through us, even if we have to face opposition. Once our patience begins to grow and develop we will be able to step into a life that is filled with great victory.


Lord, I want You to change me, and I know that means I’ll have to go through challenges. Give me Your strength to endure and be steadfast when I’m going through trials so I can have patience and be fully developed in Christ.


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