Three Weapons God Gives Us to Fight Satan

There is no getting around it, Satan is there every day trying to plan careful strategy through his cunning and deceit, to tempt us to stray. He is waging war against all of us on a daily basis. However, we don’t need to lose that war because God has given us three weapons that we can fight Satan with.

  1. God’s Word: We receive his word through preaching, ready, being alone with Him and Bible study. We need to continue in the Word until the Word becomes a revelation to us, given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Praise: Praise will defeat the devil faster and more efficiently than anything else contained in a battle plan. However, the praise we give must be real, must be genuine heart felt praise and not just some lip service or a religious ritual we are performing.
  3. Prayer: This is powerful. Prayer is our relationship with God. It is our personal way to communicate with God, asking Him for help or simply talking with Him about whatever is on our hearts and minds. To have a prayer life that is effective we need to develop a very intimate and personal relationship with the Father. We must know that He loves us and that He wants to help us.

There is definitely a war going on, has been for thousands of years, but God is fighting on our side and he has given us weapons that we need to defeat the devil. So it’s time to use them and send the devil running!


Lord, thank You so much for giving me the spiritual weapons I need to fight my enemy. With Your help, I know that I can win the battle today!



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