We Each Have Victory Through Jesus

We read in the bible that Jesus experienced death for us, for each and every one of us. This is so that you and I don’t have to experience eternal death because Jesus already paid the penalty for our sins and He has given us the gift of eternal life. That really should be something that everyone should be rejoicing about!

We all enjoy victory over death because of the resurrection of Christ. Because of this, each morning when a true Christian puts their feet on the floor to get up, hell should be shaking and the demons should be trembling when they realize we are up.

That is what will happen when we actually realize who we truly are in Christ and when we understand the authority we have in Him. We are soldiers in the arm of God and because of this, we have authority in Him!

Jesus defeated both sin and death. So, what we now need to do is consistently walk in the authority and victory that Jesus has given us. He provides for us. This means that we should be extremely dangerous to the enemy of God.


God, thank you for the victory I have in You. Every day, help me to further understand the price You paid for me, so that I can walk in all the authority and victory that You have for me.



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