Make Life Simple: Focus on One Thing

Life really isn’t supposed to be so complicated. Jesus didn’t get up on the cross and die for us so we could live complicated, frustrated and miserable lives. He did it so that we could enjoy life. Once everything gets complicated, it takes away the joy. So, we need to learn how to stop stressing out and stop living an overly busy lifestyle.

So, the opposite of a busy lifestyle is one of simplicity. Simplicity means single, or consisting of one thing that is unmingled. God deals with on a daily basis trying to tell us to live a simpler life. He keeps trying to show us that the only way we can do this is just to focus on one thing.

He just wants us to be all about Him. He tells us through His Word that we are not going to inherit His kingdom if we don’t come to Him like a little child simple and innocent and say, “I believe.”

Sure sounds easy doesn’t it? Almost too easy and naturally we might want to complicate it because of its simplicity….but don’t! God’s plan for you, me and everyone is simple. Sure, it might not make sense to us, but there’s nothing complicated about God, and He doesn’t want us to be complicated. So, come to Him today and say “I believe.” Make Him your one thing to focus on.


God, I believe in You. I don’t want to live burdened by complications, so today, I seek a life of simplicity by making You the one thing I will focus on in my life. Lead me in Your simple plan for me.


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