Don’t Follow Your Feelings Instead Follow the Wisdom of God

If we allow for our feelings to run the show we’re going to soon realize that life is no fun. Our feelings change on a daily basis, even hour to hour and moment to moment. Sometimes they even lie to us, so in short there really is no way that we can trust our feelings.

We can however, as Christians, ignore these false emotions and live by the truth and the wisdom that is God’s. For instance, let’s say you find yourself in a crowd of people and feel like everyone is talking about you. This does not mean that they are talking about you, but it’s your feelings that are lying to you about them talking about you. Maybe you might think that no one understands you, but in reality this also is not true, again, it’s your feelings lying to you. But with God, He understands all and there is never any reason for us to feel misunderstood or mistreated.

Remember these are just “feelings” and they mean nothing. What we need to do is be mature and disciplined and controlled by the Holy Spirit. If we are people controlled by the Spirit we will be determined to walk in the Spirit. And if we are determined to walk in the Spirit then we will choose to do the things that are of God’s way and not our own way.

Sure, there may be times that we might feel occasionally bombarded by different negative emotions, however, we simply can’t allow them to control or spoil our lives. What we need to do instead is to choose to follow the truth and wisdom of God. By doing that we will gain more knowledge and better understanding of ourselves and those around us.


God, my feelings often go against Your wisdom and try to deceive me, but I won’t let them run my life. Guide me with Your truth so that I can stay connected to You, and not be run by my constantly changing emotions.



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