We Receive Power Through Prayer

It cannot be said enough just how powerful prayer is and how much we need to make sure that it is part of our daily lives. Prayer is so powerful because it joins the hearts of all the people who pray on earth with the one holy heart of God in heaven. Whenever we pray, we are personally connecting with our God in just the way that He wants us to. When we pray He affects our lives daily, in fact He affects our lives so much that it is beyond our comprehension. Prayer is one of the greatest powers that we have available to us in the entire world. This may be a hugely bold statement but nothing could be further from the truth! When we pray, we are opening up the door for God to do His work for us and in us. It is the one activity that we all can engage in on this earth whenever we need the power of heaven to come into our lives and bring us wisdom, direction, encouragement, love, comfort or a miraculous breakthrough. We need this all the time, which means that we need to be praying all the time. Prayer is what connects us to the holy power of our God, and this is why it is probably the greatest force that we could ever imagine. Even Jesus need to kneel in prayer in order to receive His power from His Father in heaven. So if Jesus needed prayer, why would any of ever think that we didn’t need it? It is only through the power of God that we can find peace, experience joy, receive wisdom, gain a sense of value and purpose as people who don’t know what to do in life unless we have someone guiding us and that someone is God and He guides us through prayer.


Lord the power of prayer is absolutely astounding. I want to connect with You and see You work in my life, so I make a commitment now to remain in a constant of prayer with You. Amen


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