You cannot serve both God and mammon. Luke 16:13

Our possessions have a way of dividing us. We can be divided from God, others, or even ourselves. When we cling to our possessions, we are lost because we cannot have a relationship with possessions. We tend to use our possessions for our selfish pursuits. We will not be close to God if we are so busy with our work that we cannot muster the energy to pray, study, and contemplate God and His gifts. We will not be close to our family if we allow our hobbies to devour our days. We will not understand our self if we allow our electronics to substitute for intellectual pursuit.

God gave us dominion over the earth and its resources primarily for the common good of all. While this does not preclude private property or ownership, this gift from God is meant to unite, protect, and sustain all mankind. Our possessions can be used to unite each other. In the pursuit of our livelihood (wealth), we should find ways to utilize the gifts from all people – even people that we wouldn’t normally associate with because of superficial differences such as color of skin, ethnic background, or social status. We should pursue hobbies that allow us to pass on our skills, talents, and abilities that will help others build self-esteem. Our possessions are a gift from God and can be used to serve God when we become stewards.


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