Truly Abide in His Love

If you read First John 4:16 you will see where the Bible emphasizes that we all need to be fully conscious of the love God has for us. It truly is very easy for us to say “God loves me” without truly understanding what we are actually saying. True knowledge of His love should be a lot more than biblical fact that we mentally assent to but, instead should be a living reality in our lives.

“God is love, and he who dwells and continues in love dwells and continues in God, and God dwells and continues in him.”

Dwell in this verse means to abide or to liven in. It has nothing to do with just visiting, it refers to staying nor remaining.

The love of God is not just some fact for us to memorize or just a fleeting feeling. No, instead His love is here to stay, forever. God’s love doesn’t just stay during the good times of our lives and then leaves when things get tough. God’s love always remains, so too should we remain in His love.

We can all reap a much greater harvest of Christian maturity if we press into God’s love. We will grow in difficult times when we abide in His truly amazing love He has for us.


Lord, I purpose today to abide in the love You have for me. So many things change, but Your love never leaves, so I choose to stay rooted in Your amazing love.



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