There is Great Power in the Name of Jesus

There are a lot of people out there and that includes Christians that simply don’t have a clue about the incredible power to be found in the name of Jesus Christ.

Ever wonder about the importance there is put in a name? A person’s name often represents and personifies their character, which can set them apart from others. So, when we call someone by their name, we are declaring something about them.

It is the same way when we speak the name of Jesus Christ, we aren’t just simply speaking a name. What we are actually doing is declaring a name that completely embodies power and not that of human origin, but all the power and all the authority of God.

When we speak His name, we are describing the Person. Remember Jesus means “Savior” and we are calling Him according to what He does for all of us. Christ saves us from sin, He saves us from our failures and also from circumstances that are not in His will for us.

There are so many people out there that are striving to find a way to experience spiritual power however, what they don’t seem to truly understand that for them to be able to experience the release of this spiritual power, they first must speak the name of Jesus Christ in faith. This wonderful and glorious name has been given to all of those who believe.

As a child of God, it is time to speak His name in faith today!


Father God, over every circumstance in my life, I declare the name of Jesus Christ in faith. Thank You for this saving power of You Son.



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