God Isn’t Glorified by Our Suffering

There are a lot of Christians in this world that have the false idea that for some reason God wants them to suffer. This then creates a virtual nonstop victim mentality.

Of course there is going to be suffering, it’s inevitable, however, God isn’t glorified because of or through our suffering. He is glorified if we have a good attitude during our personal suffering and He always wants us to be victorious.

So there really is no reason why we should stay bitter, angry, wounded or depressed over this.

You can overcome suffering and that is by having the right attitude. You need to set your mind and make sure that you keep it set on things that are above and of heaven and not on the things that are of this earth. You need to stay armed with the right thinking or you are just going to end up giving up during hard times in your life.

By setting your mind where it should be, you will be fully aware that you are moving from being a victim to being the victor. It won’t be a quick process so you need to be patient. But, the experience that you gain from the suffering is only going to make you stronger and then you will be enabled to help others who are going through some of the same battles as you did.

Get excited about what is ahead in your future and understand that by going through something with God on your side means that you are going to come out on the other side of it with a victory that can never be taken away from you, not by anyone or anything, not even Satan can take your victories away from you.


God, I need Your help to overcome a victim mentality. I choose to set my mind on things above so that I can have the right attitude. With Your thoughts and truth inside me, I know I can overcome.


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