Beware of False Evidence Seeming to be Real

There is a great fear that Satan continues to try and put on our shoulders every day of our lives and that is false evidence that seems to be real. This is supposed to keep us from having the power, the love and the sound mind that God wants us to have.

Most often we think of fear as an emotion, when if truth be known, it is actually a spirit. In fact, fear is one of Satan’s all time favorite, top of the list tools he loves to use against us. He relishes harassing Christians with it especially.

However, Jesus told us this, “All things are possible to him who believes!” (Mark 9:23) And a really on fire, Bible believing Christian who is utterly fearless is Satan’s worst nightmare!

Some have said that fear is actually the opposite of faith, and when you think of it, it’s true. We absolutely cannot live in faith and fear both at the same time. Fear will paralyze us and will keep us from receiving all of Gods promises. Fear will keep us from stepping out of the boat and obeying what God has asked us to do.

We must meet fear head on with all the power of faith that we have. We must always proclaim the Word of God and command that fear leave our lives and the lives of those around us.

So, the next time you hear fear knocking on your door, send your faith to answer it.


Lord, alert me when I’m confronted by False Evidence seeming like it’s real. I know that with Your help, I can respond with the power of faith and send fear running every time right back to the arms of Satan.



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