Stop Worrying – Worship Him!

WORRYThere is no doubt that right now you are in the midst of something that is troubling you and it is more than likely causing you to worry. If not now, then there is no doubt you’ve been there. As Christians, we often forget to listen to that quiet little voice that is calling to us from within our souls, calling out our name and saying “Are you going to worship your problem or Me?” That voice is calling to us from God and he is trying to tell us that he is more than willing to handle our problems if were would just be more willing to forget it and spend some time worshipping Him.

When we decide to worship our God, we are releasing all the emotional or mental burden that weighs us down from our worries. All of our worries can be swallowed up in the wondrous awesomeness of God. When we focus and keep our eyes on Him and worship, we are going to be able to see His plan for our lives work out all things for our good.

The Bible tells us there is no lack for those who truly worship the Lord with godly fear. Do you want to make sure that all of your needs will be met? Then take time and remember to worship Him and not worry.

No matter what the difficulties are that you are facing, just keep praising God and giving Him the glory that He is so deserving of. By doing this, you will feel the faith rise up in your heart and you will overcome, whatever it is with His divine help.


God, I will not worry. Instead I choose to worship You. You are great and mighty, and I know that my needs are met because of Your goodness and love for me.



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