Our Only Lasting Source is God

As people, we are created by our God to be happy and to feel good about ourselves. In fact, we must feel good about ourselves or we will end up developing unhealthy and uncontrolled behaviors in order to find those good feelings that we so crave.

Just stop and think about it for a minute. A person who happens to be addicted to drugs or alcohol for example probably began to use these in order to get rid of the pain they were feeling, the pain was so intense they felt compelled to get rid of it, even if the fix was only something temporary. The same goes for any addiction, food being used as comfort, gambling, you name it, if we don’t feel good about ourselves on the inside we will go elsewhere to try and find something that will make us feel good.

We must remember however, that God created us this way, craving to feel good, but what we forget is that only He can be the one that can truly satisfy us. When we turn away from God and go to something other than Him to make us feel good about ourselves, we are replacing the real deal with a very cheap substitute. And this is exactly what the “Evil One” wants us to do. The further he can get us away from God, the happier he is.

Whatever you may feel are your emotional needs right now, know that it is only God who can meet those needs. He is the only lasting source of life. So, go to Him, now. He’s the only One who can satisfy.


God, I don’t want to waste my time chasing cheap substitutes. You are the only One who can truly satisfy. Show me how to daily find my true delight and satisfaction in You and only You.



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