Don’t Put God Aside for Emergencies Only

It is true, God will always help us whenever we come to Him and ask. However, if we want to be able to constantly experience victory, we are going to have to stop putting God aside just for emergencies only. Instead we need to invite Him into our daily lives even where there seems no reason to ask for His help.

It’s simple, God wants us to get up close and personal with Him. He proves this by the simple fact that He lives within each of us.

When His son Jesus died on that cross, He opened up a way for us to get personal with our Father in heaven. If He had wanted to be put aside for emergencies only he might just visit us on occasion, but He certainly would not have come to take up permanent residence within us.

Think about it, how awesome is this, God is mine, yours, everyone’s personal friend! Do you want to miss out on that friendship by keeping Him pushed aside for emergencies only?


Lord, I know that the Christian life is so much more than an “emergency only” back up plan. Because You live within me, I want to know You as a personal friend. Rather than just calling on You when I’m in trouble. I want to seek You every single day.



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