You Can Receive the Holy Spirit From Christ

You will read in Acts 1:8 that Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will also come upon us, and give us power, ability, efficiency and the might to be Christ’s witnesses to all the ends of the earth.

There are so many Christians who do all the right things, follow all the right rules, but still continue to wonder “Is this all there is?” So many experience emptiness and feel that doing the right things just brought temporary happiness but not that deep, satisfying joy that comes with knowing the Holy Spirit.

If you feel that way then cry out to God “God, something is missing!” You might be surprised when you hear the voice of your God and then you will realize that he is moving in your life. You will be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit sent to you by Jesus and everything will change in your life. By opening up and asking for this help, you can be enabled to feel His power in your life in a new and wonderful way.

Spending time with God on a daily basis and receiving His Holy Spirit is not like you are signing up for something scary or some sort of weird experience. It’s simple, you are receiving His power in order for you to be more like Jesus and benefit from His wisdom when even walking through even the most ordinary of events.

Never be afraid of anything new, just make sure that whatever it is, is biblical. God desires to take you to new heights in Him through the power of having daily interaction with His Holy Spirit. Listen, He is knocking at the door of your heart. Are you willing to open it up wide and welcome Him in?


God I want to live as a Christian who is filled with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Show me how to live in the deep, satisfying joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. I thank You for the power and the wisdom to walk through every day and every situation in life.



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