Nothing is Impossible

Those who think in a positive manner can always seem to see the potential in everything, even in the most discouraging situations. Those who on the other hand who think negatively are usually quick to point out all the problems and the limitations of the situation.

This actually goes far past the seeing the glass “half full” or “half empty” and it actually extends to making decisions and taking actions that are based upon either positive or negative thinking.

You ever notice how negative thinking always seems to blow the situation out of proportion? The problems someone is having seem to get bigger and much more difficult than they really are.

Maybe it’s true that a problem is impossible in our “natural” world and add a negative mind to that and you forget that nothing is impossible to God.

If we meditate on the Word of God it can rid us of negativity and help us get refocused on who God is. A positive mindset that is based on God’s Word knows that nothing is beyond God. That’s because He is always present.

We need to try to train our brains to truly believe God and His Word so that we can experience the power that is available to us through God when we trust Him more than we trust the circumstances around us. We always need to stop and remember that nothing is impossible with God.


Lord, it’s clear to me that I have nothing to gain from a “glass half empty” mindset. Even in impossible situations, I know that You are there. I choose to see the positive side of things as I live in Your Word.



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