Letting the Storms Subside

More than likely, all of us have had many storms in our lives, many like a quick afternoon storm that are often experienced in the summer and then some more like category 4 hurricanes! I sure know that I’ve had my share of them.

One thing though that I am learning about weathering those storms is that they don’t last forever and I really don’t even have to make any major decisions right in the middle of them.

When we are in the middle of our own storms, our thoughts and feelings simply run wild in the middle of the crises and these are the times when we need to be the most careful about our decision making. I’ve learned through prayer to let these wild emotions subside before I make any huge decision.

We always need to try to remain calm and do our best to discipline ourselves in order to focus on doing what we can do and simply trust God to do what we simply can’t do.

Instead of letting ourselves drown in our worry and fear, we need to get in touch with God even more during our troubled storms, because He can see past the storms and knows how to manage the big picture. Whereas, we don’t.

He will make sure that everything that needs to happen in our lives will happen at the exact right time, He moves at the appropriate speed and He will enable us to arrive safely at our destination that He has planned for us after the storm.


God, I know that I can’t control everything, so I will do what I can and trust You to do what I can’t do. The storms of life do not control me. I trust Your plans for me.



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