Jesus’ love of Martha and Mary Luke 10:38-42

Jesus demonstrated great love for Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. They were very close to Jesus and loved to take care of him. Jesus was moved by their care, devotion, admiration, and worship of him. It’s not that Jesus did not appreciate the gifts that they gave him like food, shelter, transportation, and necessities. It’s just that love does not come in the form of material possessions; love comes when someone reveals their heart and soul.

We can give each other great gifts of our time, recognizing the other’s talents that touch our heart, and sharing inner thoughts that reveal how the divine has opened our lives to its full potential. We are on the same journey on earth and we each need to know God’s will for us to make this journey whole. By sharing how God has opened the eyes of our heart the other can see a path to their own heart. Is there one experience of God’s love in your life that you can share with someone who seems a little lost and needs to find God’s direction? Jesus told Martha that she was worried about many things and Mary chose to seek the heart. Our lesson is to worry less about things and to seek the heart of the other.


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