Little Angels

We recently returned from our vacation on the Oregon Coast, and it was a wonderful trip one that brought us a lot of peace and joy but we couldn’t wait to get back home to receive the unconditional love of one of our special cats named Spot. Unfortunately the beauty of our trip was overshadowed by tragedy. When we came home Spot, as usual after leaving behind appeared to be doing his pouting routine, something we were use to, however, the next day he still showed no signs of wanting to welcome us home. He wouldn’t eat, drink and was just lying in the hall closet as if he were waiting to die. He would occasionally slowly get up and walk to another spot and lie down. As the day progressed I began to panic and we rushed him to the nearest vet hospital.

After some x-rays they discovered that he had, while we were gone, developed an obstruction in his urinary tract and his bladder was full and he had not been able to urinate the whole time we were gone. I gave them permission to perform a procedure to remove it and drain his bladder. They told me they would have to do some blood work prior and would then call me when the procedure was done. They said it would be a few hours so for me to go home and they would call me. I was barely home an hour when we received the tragic call. After reviewing his blood work, they discovered he had kidney damage and it was not something that could be fixed even with the procedure I authorized them to do. The vet said our choice was to allow him to live a life of severe pain or put him to sleep. They even said his chances of even surviving the operation was at the most 25%.

This was a beautiful cat that walked literally into our home and hearts one day eight years ago as a little kitten. A special personality that touched every person who walked into our home. He was no ordinary cat, sure we all say that, but he’s not, he was sent to us shortly after we were told that our cat Stockings was dying of cancer, it was like a little angel sent to us that day who brought us nothing but unwavering and unconditional love and joy that there are no words to express. (Stockings by the way is still alive, even Spot seemed to inspire him to want to continue on living).

I’ve had many a pet die in my lifetime, most often of old age, but never have I had to make the decision that my husband and I had to make after our return from vacation. It’s a pain in our hearts that is hard to explain. Spot and the love he offered us without question, without judgment is now gone and has left a deep void in our hearts. This is why I wrote the prayer below about “Little Angels”. We all need to count our blessings and appreciate every second we have with these “Little Angels” God sends our way.

Little Angels

Lord we know that in our lives you send us angels, they don’t always come in the form of human, but animals. These loving creatures are there gracing our lives with their pure and innocent love. Help us Lord to embrace these little angels and to learn to appreciate the grace of the love they bring to us.

Help us Lord to appreciate every moment we are allowed to share with these angels.

And when they are gone, let us never forget the love they gave to us so unconditionally. Let them remain forever in our hearts.


Thank you Spot our “Little Angel”, we will never forget you.

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