Willingness to Change

help me godEveryone can change, it’s hard, no doubt, however it can be done. Often times many of us aren’t willing to change unless we hit some crisis point in our lives. For instance, it might take a heart attack for someone to start eating better. However, none of us have to wait for that crisis point. We could just bite the bullet and say to ourselves, “That’s it, I’m done with this.”

The Bible tells us that we can “choose life.” God has provided each of us with the support and the ability for us to change, but we have to be willing to do so., otherwise that crisis point will hit us extremely hard and quick. Whether we realize it or not it is easier to “choose life” before we reach that crisis point.

It is not going to be comfortable to change, but we need to try and get over it and don’t be afraid of the discomfort. We can all achieve change in our life, it’s not easy but we don’t have to do it alone either. The Holy Spirit is ready and waiting to help us on our journey to change.

So, if you think you aren’t ready to change whatever it is in your life, just take whatever it is to God and say, “Help me, help me, help me.”

With the help of God and the decision on  your part to “choose life”, you can make a change in your life that will be permanent and for the better.


God, You have given me a choice, and I choose life! I know change is hard, but I ask You to help me. With Your help and my willingness to change, I know I can overcome any obstacle.



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