Send Them to Jesus

“Great crowds came to him (Jesus).”  (Matthew 15:30

Can you imagine all the people endlessly coming at Jesus with their needs? We read how He would have to sneak away or board a boat because of the press of the crowds. I vividly remember a play depicting this reality. Jesus, the wonder worker, is in the middle of all these ailing and needy people. They are all grabbing at his white cloak and saying, “Help me, Jesus. Help me, Jesus.” He swings his head back and forth as he is being pulled in all directions.

Have you ever felt pulled in all directions? Parents with children, family needs, work, school, sports, lessons, chores and getting the errands done are just some of the pulls. Many times as a priest I feel like I’m pulled in all directions with all the people and their needs. To be with the people, no doubt, is a wonderful blessing of the priesthood but the demand can be overwhelming. It did not take me too long as a young priest to learn that a lot more people meet through mass, speaking, talks, missions, retreats, being on YouTube, writing books or other ways that I meet them. And, if I have something they are looking for they are naturally going to ask for it. That, my friends, represents a lot of need.

I often reflect on how I am doing with loving other people to Jesus and heaven. I know I am not anywhere near perfect and often cannot even love the one (person) well. And what about the two and three and tens and hundreds and thousands and millions and billions?

Even though I cannot love the one well, I know there is one who loves the one and tens and thousands and millions and billions perfectly. Yes, there is infinite demand which requires infinite supply and the infinite supply of Jesus. That is why every ounce of us, all the time, should point to Jesus. He answers our every need and ten some.


Send them to Jesus.

+Fr. John


One response to “Send Them to Jesus

  1. Father John has loved all of us so much. Thank you Father John for giving us a home, which we can come every Sunday and be part of a Holy Family. Thank You for your dedication. We need to be better and better each day and thanks God that we have You to be with us.

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