Cut It Out!

I’m sure that if you are a parent there have been many times when you’ve had to say to your kids “Cut it out!” when they were doing something annoying or wrong. I’m sure that you have been told that many times in your life as well. Generally it’s just a warning to someone that they’re crossing the line and beginning to irritate you. Well, there is no doubt that God does the same thing to us as well. In fact, it happened to me just a week ago.

Last week while at choir practice I felt as if there was too much favoritism being shown by the choir director, especially seemed that she always seems to bypass me when she asks people if they want to sing a solo, or at least a solo verse for Mass. Never once in the time I’ve spent there have I been asked. Normally it doesn’t bother me, but for some reason it began to not sit too well with me that night. It’s not like I have a horrible voice or anything so I couldn’t figure out why I seemed to always get overlooked. Although I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel it was the right thing to do, to whine or complain, I did, however, think about what I’d like to say. Seems I forgot God hears that too.

A couple of days later I was at a daily Mass and Fr. Bob (Fr. John’s best friend) was filling in for him and when he got up to do his homily after the Gospel reading he bellowed out to the congregation “Cut it out!” He was referring to the Gospel with regards to Jesus instructing the people that if their right hand does evil to cut it off if their left eye does evil pluck it out and so on. He went on to say of course Jesus didn’t literally mean to do this but instead was basically telling the people to cut it out, to behave themselves in order to get to heaven.

Even though it was Fr. Bob up there bellowing “Cut it out!” the moment I heard it I knew it was God speaking directly to me about the other night in choir. It was loud and clear as if God had taken a bull horn and said “Patti, cut it out! It’s not about you!” From the moment I heard those words I knew that even though I had not voiced my complaint about the issue in choir, that my thoughts were enough to make me not much like His Son Jesus. I knew from the moment that I heard those words that God was scolding me and trying to get me back on track and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for getting my attention.

It’s important that we pay attention and listen for messages from God because He’s always talking to us and we don’t want to miss a single word. We are His children and even as uncomfortable as it might be when He scolds us, we need to realize that it’s for our own good, just like when we were scolded by our earthly parents. So open your ears and your hearts in order to hear what God is saying to you.


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