God Dictates Our Circumstances

God does indeed dictates our circumstances. If we believe He is sovereign, then we too must believe that everything that touches our lives first receive His permission. Whether He brought it or simply allowed it, either way it first was sifted through His fingers before it touched our lives.

This is why we can worship God with an unshakable confidence that whatever we are facing is something that He has deemed what is best for us at the time. We may not like what it is, in fact we may actually hate it. However, God is in the middle of it, and it is for our own good. Problem is, it’s hard for us to sometimes get to a point in our lives where this is fine with us. We need to try and trust in Him more and now our own feelings about what is going on and try to take pleasure in the truth that He wanted to use us some way for His glory.

We all have a life song to sing but we cannot control how long our life songs are going to last. But, what we can do is control just how loud we sing them. And sing thing to the glory of God.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

(Job 1:21)


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