Why Do We Fear Telling Others About Jesus?

Most of us in the Church really have been trained well beyond our obedience, so then when it comes to telling others about Jesus, what is it we are so afraid of?

Maybe it’s because we really don’t truly understand how God saves people?

We all can say we believe salvation is all of God, but if we really believed that deep down, would we have that much problem sharing our faith? When we share Jesus, more than likely all we are doing is watering a seed someone else has planted and then God does the saving. Because we really can’t save anyone, instead we know that our purpose is to love everyone like Jesus would love them and let God do all the heavy lifting. This is what our brain tells us and Scripture tells us.

However, sometimes our lives tell us we don’t believe this. Instead we are too worried about what we will say or that we’ll do something that won’t be good enough or strong enough or convincing enough that anyone will listen to us about who Jesus is. See, it’s kind of scary to think that we can convince someone of anything. There is a constant fear that we are going to to do something wrong. We don’t think we’re ready. So, this holds us back and we don’t share who Jesus is with others. So, this then makes us feel like we really don’t believe what we say and this can cause constant spiritual friction within us.

What it might boil down to is our pride that is rooted in the reality that maybe we have not lived for Christ in front of others. Our fear might be that what we share will sound so different from how they see us in life and we think they are going to look at us and laugh because we aren’t living the eternal life we are professing.

All of these feelings, these shortcomings, fears can be a misunderstanding of Scripture, the fear of rejection and our pride makes us steeped in a form of fear that is not from God in any way, shape or form. If we fear to share our faith, we are misunderstanding the gospel, our roles and God’s role. God is love, and perfect love casts out fear and this means we can speak the words of life that is God’s word, God’s fire. We need to let His perfect love shatter our fears so that all we have to do is love everyone like Jesus and tell them they are ALL loved.


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