Everyone Has a Ministry

Everyone has a ministry in the Church. Ministry is not just reserved for only the people like deacons, priests, pastors, those singing in the choir, the ones off on some African work of charity, etc. Often times that’s how a lot of us believe and think that if you aren’t doing something like that, then you are not in a ministry. However, that isn’t true when it comes to the body of Christ. There are only believers in the body of Christ, only servants and we are all the body. We’re the hands, the feet, the ears, and the toes, which means we are all in a ministry. If then someone isn’t performing in his ministry, the whole body suffers. It limps and crawls. It doesn’t work.

We are the first and the primary way in which Jesus is going to love others. We’re His chosen vessels. He chooses to love them through us. That’s His design for the Church. We are their clearest picture of Jesus. How we respond is how they are going to see God through us.


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