Spiritual Adoption

Being adopted spiritually is an eternity changing story of being adopted into the family of God. Before our adoption, each of us lives as orphans in this world. Without an eternal home to go to, without a “forever family”, without the privileges of our Father’s inheritance. But, God sent His Son, Jesus, so that we all might receive His plan of adoption and becoming the sons and daughters of the King of Glory.

Spiritual adoption is an act of God where all believers become members of God’s family with all the glorious privileges and obligations of family membership. When we have been adopted into the family, God, who is the holy and sovereign, becomes our loving Father. We are His. We truly belong to Him. The Bible teaches us that we become children of God, He sends the Spirit of His Son directly into our hearts so that we can call out to God, “Abba,” which means “daddy”.

To belong to the family of God means we are no longer slaves to our sin or slaves to the many limitations of this mortal world. We have been made heirs with full family rights and privileges.

As adopted children of God, it would be nice if each day we remembered what God has done for us. What if we reminded ourselves, “I am adopted into the family. I belong to God. I am His child, and nothing, nothing will ever change that! I will be with Him forever. Undeserving as I am, His inheritance is truly mine, truly yours and I am safe, we are safe and set apart. We are forgiven. Oh, glory, we are loved!

Then, what if from our gratefulness, we lived this one life as if it really is a gift to give back to God? Our passionate lives of purpose would be our souls’ greatest thank you to Him. We would act as if we really do belong to the family. We would love like children of the Father, we would give as has been given to us, and serve as Jesus has served us.

Maybe this world would take notice of our lives, and we would have the great privilege of telling them about our Father, their Father for the taking, if only they would believe. The Father, the One who adopts the orphans of this world. And then, wouldn’t it be something incredible if they were able to look at us and say, “Ah yes, I see the family resemblance?


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