The Lord’s Prayer: The First Petition

In order for us to get more out of the praying experience, Jesus leads us away from us. Have you ever noticed how most of the petitions in His model prayer lead you to think about God’s program instead of your own? It’s not that material things are not important, it’s just that God’s Word and ways are far more important than all material things.

Jesus’ very first sentence only has four words in it and we don’t want to rush when we say them because those four words are a mouthful. “When you pray, say: ‘Hallowed be your name'” (Luke 11:2). God’s “name” refers not only to the various proper names that the Scripture reveals to us, such as Lord or Christ. God’s name in its fuller sense is His self-revelation. It’s the sum of what we know about God’s person and work.

The word “hallow” has basically faded from contemporary English but it means “to consider holy.” We can’t make God any holier than He already is, can we? But we can ask for God’s help to lift up His holiness in our hearts and make Him look good to the people around us in our lives.

So this means no idols. This means taking out the trash that is in our minds and recommitting ourselves to the one Creator, the one Savior, the one Counselor. This means radiating the conviction to all who are around us, “I’m proud of my God!”


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