Reflections on Fifth Sunday of Easter

I give you a new commandment: love one another

Jesus came from heaven to earth for the purpose of saving each and every one of us. When the time was getting closer for Jesus to submit to the cross and thereby enter into his glory, he knew he would have to give us very precise instructions so that we could carry on with his work in his bodily absence. It was genius in his command for us to love one another as he had loved us. The only way we can accomplish his mission is to love as he loved. Genius.

Jesus came into glory by fulfilling God’s plan to suffer, die, and rise again. We come into glory by fulfilling God’s plan. We suffer by giving of ourselves, we die to our old self who is selfish, and we rise anew with the Spirit of Christ in our hearts ready to love our neighbor. Jesus’ plan is salvation, his mission is to protect the widow and orphan, free the oppressed, and bring dignity to all people. We don’t have to look too hard to find the widow, orphan, or oppressed people in our society today. Can you think of a way to love one of these neighbors as Jesus did?


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