Fear of Disappointment Can Be a Communication Obstacle

Many people find that one thing that can slow down their eagerness to pray is fear. The fear of being disappointed. Prayer, real prayer, honest prayer really involves a lot of opening up your heart and baring your true feelings and taking a risk, while exposing your tender side instead of the armor we usually present to the world.

The prophet Elisha’s intercession once brought a long hoped for son to an older woman. It was ecstasy to her soul; she had wanted so, so badly to be a mother. Then the boy grew sick and died in her arms. Mute with shock at first, she finally burst out in bitter distress, in “I knew it!” soul pain: “Did I ask you for a son? … Didn’t I tell you, ‘Don’t raise my hopes’?”  (2 Kings 4:28) It was Elisha’s great privilege to channel God’s life giving power back into the boy, and he joyfully restored the boy to his mother.

We all probably know her fear. Sometimes we may hesitate to ask God for something we desperately want or need because we assume we will be turned down.

Elisha’s wonderful ministry helps us to trust that God always gets the last word, and his last word is always one of blessing, kindness, and victory. We don’t have to be afraid to open our hearts. Even if he lets us experience pain, the pain becomes the path to even greater joy in the end.



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