Violence In Boston

Dear Lord,

Please help those that have been affected by the bombings Monday, April 15th, at the Boston Marathon:

Help all the people that were hurt, heal them, allow their pain to leave quickly, and give them strength to deal with the scars that will last a lifetime.

Welcome into your Kingdom those that did not survive, give strength to their family, friends, and loved ones.

Guide the doctors, nurses, and caregivers as they continue to deal with the horrific injuries of the survivors. Please give them the endurance to work the long hours needed as they tend to those that were wounded.

Please help those that first responded to the injured. Help them deal with the memories that will haunt them and allow your grace to heal all aspects of this senseless act.

Please let the world see and know your love so these appalling acts can stop. Let the world pray for your love to penetrate into the fiber of all our hearts.

In Jesus’s name we pray.



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