WAITING – Reflection from Fr. John

“Our soul waits for the Lord.” Psalm 33:20

I had my plans. I knew what I was going to do. I had it figured out. The only major problem was, and it is the most major problem of all, that Jesus was not a part of it. There were way too many “I’s” in what I was planning on doing with my time here on our mortal coil. I was not waiting on Jesus. He was waiting on me, consigned to my whims and desires. One way I like to visualize the way my mode of operendus truly was is that I left Jesus behind in the dust.

Waiting. Remember Christmas growing up? We could not wait to see all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Adrenaline, joy and excitement pumped through our body leading up to the time we would gather to open our gifts. We were so excited to find out if we got what we wanted and what surprises there might be.

Waiting. It is not our forte. Driving there was one car in front of me on a red left turn signal. I needed to get to the office as soon as possible because there were a ton of things on my plate to get done as usual (isn’t that the way it always is in our over booked society?). The light turned green, the car in front of me did not move, I began to get frustrated but I did wait for two whole seconds before I honked my horn! I knew it was going to be a short light and I did not want to miss my turn and have to wait again.

As a pastor I want to teach my people to wait on the Lord. To be quiet and still in prayer and wait on the Lord is not a forte of us Westerners. I have tried to instill that before mass for about 10 minutes but we have turned back to talking to and waiting on each other during that time. That is always a quandary for me because I want people to greet each other “with a holy kiss” as St. Paul would say but I, more importantly, want my people to learn to wait on the Lord. As a congregation it seems like we can stand about 15-20 seconds of silence after communion and then people start rumbling, shuffling and fidgeting. Waiting is not our forte.

Waiting in silence before the Lord is the only way we are going to turn things around. His plans and thoughts are above our plans and thoughts; his ways are above our ways. He is the way and truth that leads to life that never ends. To wait on Jesus as the way and truth leading to life is the antidote to all the ruin around us. He will show us the way above all other ways.

What if we got as excited about waiting daily on Jesus as we did for opening our Christmas presents growing up? Let us wait and take a long look at this statement. Christmas presents are here today and gone tomorrow, but the way of the Lord is overflowing life forever. Not much of a choice, is there?

Wait on the Lord. The Good He brings is always more than you can ask or imagine.

Fr. John


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