Our priest is really into acronyms for example two of his favorites are:

EGO – Edging God Out

JOY – Jesus Over You

So my friend and I after listening to his Ash Wednesday homily where he used EGO a lot in it and was talking about how Christian Community takes sacrifice, we came up with the following acronym of our own.

CLICK – Christians Lacking In Community Knowledge

So what does this mean? Well it means that there are those people within our own church, your church, anyone’s church that form groups of the same people, those who stick together and make others feel as if they are not welcome or wanted in their groups. They edge others out by their air of “We’re better than you.” “Or we’d rather not get to know you.” These often are the same people that you see gathering together in small groups after church gossiping or chit chatting as those in the congregation they wish not to speak to or acknowledge walk by. Often you see the same people doing things for the church, signing up for committees and they do it over and over again in their little groups or “clicks”. They make others feel that they either aren’t needed or not welcome to join them. These same people are not reaching out to their own Christian community by being so exclusive rather than being inclusive which in turn makes them lacking in knowledge about their fellow Christians that go to their own church, therefore the acronym CLICK – Christians Lacking In Community Knowledge.

When you allow yourself to get lost in a CLICK, not only are you edging your fellow Christians out, but at the same time you are Edging God Out or EGO as Fr. John puts it. Not much unlike the priests and pharisees of Jesus’ time. Many times, over and over again he would call out these priests and pharisees, for exclusive behavior and continued edging out of the marginal such as sinners, the poor and “misfits”. All of whom Jesus surrounded himself with. By becoming a part of their exclusive CLICK, they edged God out.

Jesus warned them and others like them When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing to help me.”

Those who would rather be part of a CLICK are not willing to sacrifice their egos because by being part of the CLICK their personal egos are being fed by those around them who give them what they want, say what they want to hear. However,  opening up to the entire Christian community can be too difficult because of the truth and knowledge that can be found there about not only others but themselves and who they really are, not who they pretend they are or think they are.

So, it is best to choose not the CLICK so that you know that your own personal ego won’t Edge God Out.


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