Welcome to the Weekly Word & Much More!

We are so glad that you found us and we hope that your visit here will help lift your spirits and will help you to discover more about the love of God for every one of us. Our intent here is for you to gather strength, hope, guidance where you might need it in your lives and maybe even deepen your faith. If you wish to post your own spiritual thoughts we encourage you to do so! If you would like to write featured articles please let us know by emailing us at ourweeklyword@gmail.com and we’d be happy to have you join us in spreading the Word of God!

 Happy Advent Let Us Prepare for the Lord!


Our Weekly Featured Article/Articles



See Each Other Through the Eyes of Christ




Need Prayer?

Praying_Hands007Need prayer, we all do, it’s a part of life, or should be. Please, if you need to have people to pray for you, or you want prayers for a friend, family member or others, please make sure that you click on our “Prayer Requests” page. These prayer requests go directly to the GAP or God Answers Prayers, prayer line that consists of hundreds of members from all over.


34cdb-holy20bibleSpread the Word

Make sure to tell others about us and have them join us here as well! There’s nothing like joining in and spreading the Word of God! So please let others know and have them join us in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ!




9 responses to “Welcome to the Weekly Word & Much More!

  1. Please pray for Dorothy MgGregor RIP,
    Please pray for Jean Holden
    Please pray for Margerat Mokatt,
    Please pray for Betty Rushton sick
    Please pray for Eilleen McClusky sick
    Please pray for Carl Wright sick,

  2. “The Weekly Word & Much More | A spiritual retreat for all who visit” T
    I S ended up being a delightful blog, cannot help but wait to look at even more of ur postings.

    Time to waste several time on the internet hehe. Regards ,Esteban

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